Tribute Gifts: Quarter Three 2023

Tribute Gifts: Quarter Three 2023

Thank you to everyone who gave “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one in the third quarter of 2023.

At the time the gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered as contact information is available. The gift amount remains confidential.

In Honor Of:

Ted and Ann Derrick

Mr. & Mrs. J. Leon Eshleman


My own unborn child

Ms. Tatyana Belousov


Grace Ziegler

Mr. & Mrs. David Kline


In Memory Of:

John R. Brown

Ms. Karen Donoghue

Ms. Stefany Hoover


Rachael Freed

Ms. Ann Downing

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Esme

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Martin

Ms. Carolyn Stauffer

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Trovinger, Ken & Tonia, Toby & Lori

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Unruh

Mr. & Mrs. Dalton Varner

Ms. C. Elaine Zwanzig

Mr. & Mrs. David Zwanzig

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Zwanzig

Mr. & Mrs. William Zwanzig


Jay Hershey

Mrs. Thelma McCoy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Metzger


Diane W. Horlacher

Mr. Robert Horlacher


Kreider Baby – Born Into Heaven

Grace Church at Willow Valley


Elizabeth Robyn

Mr. Robert Robyn