The Spirit Leads & A Life is Saved

The Spirit Leads & A Life is Saved

Hi, it’s Lisa Hosler with Align Life Ministries, where we’re constantly in awe of the Spirit’s leading.

Recently, our staff was led to pray specifically for a young woman who kept scheduling pregnancy tests and then not coming in.

Immediately after we prayed – I mean immediately after we prayed – the phone rang and it was her! And this time she came in.

Her test was positive for pregnancy, and she explained that her boyfriend was pushing her to have an abortion. She said, “Finally, this morning, for some reason I found the courage and came.”

As she watched her baby’s movements on the ultrasound monitor she said, “Now I’m prepared to face whatever I need to for this child. There’s no way I’m having an abortion.”

Our counselor shared from Psalm 139 about God’s purpose for her child. She said, “I was sensing that myself, and you just confirmed it.”

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