Tips For Reflecting Jesus and His Gospel

Tips For Reflecting Jesus and His Gospel

God has given us a new theme for 2021 – Reflecting Jesus and His Gospel. We’re praying for winsome strategies, tender boldness, and open hearts for our clients. And in each of our personal lives, we’re committed to sharing the gospel too. Here are some perspectives God is giving us:

Ask God for conviction and compassion

With full authority from the Father, Jesus commissions us to make disciples. If you’re not currently sharing Jesus with others, talk with God about it. Wrestle through your reasons why, and ask Him to give you His passion and compassion for people.

Pray for opportunities and open hearts

Once you’re committed to talking to people about Jesus, start praying for God-ordained opportunities to speak a tender word of truth to them. And pray that their hearts and minds will be prepared to receive those nuggets of truth.

Realize how much you already know

We can be reluctant to share our faith because of not knowing how to answer tough questions. But the truth is, we probably know 99% more about Jesus and the gospel than most of the people we’ll talk to. We have a personal relationship with Him and a foundational understanding of the gospel.

Initiate loving conversations

For some, this is perhaps the hardest part. You may see an opportunity, but be too afraid to say something. Pray for boldness and open your mouth with a kind word, an affirmation of God’s love for the person, or a gentle question that shows you value them and are interested in their life. Talk to them in a friendly, natural, loving way – as though you already know them.

Plant seeds

Think in terms of planting seeds of the gospel and not necessarily sharing an A to Z version of how they can put their trust in Jesus. Even something like, “I just want you to know that Jesus sees you and loves you,” is a drop of truth and hope you can deposit into someone’s heart. If they respond positively, follow God’s lead in continuing the conversation.

Trust God for the outcome

God saves people; we’re faithful to speak His truth in love to whatever extent He leads in each conversation. So don’t feel pressure to say more than what the person is open to receive. 1 Corinthians 3:6 tells us that some plant, some water, but God brings the growth. Our part is to share; God’s part is to save.