Tribute Gifts – Fourth Quarter 2020

Tribute Gifts – Fourth Quarter 2020

Thank you to everyone who gave “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one in October, November (including the Extraordinary Give) and December 2020.

At the time the gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered as contact information is available. The gift amount remains confidential.



Shirley Bothwell

Anonymous donor


Lorette Danielowski

Rick Danielowski


Dona Doyle

Mr. William Herche


Susan Edwards

Meredith Horst


Linn Fahnestock and Timothy Fahnestock

Mr. & Mrs. Ira Fahnestock


Baby Gerlach

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gerlach


Reagan Glick

John Smucker


Good’s Insurance Agency Inc.

Mrs. Beth Weaver


Duane Haller

Ms. Lori Newswanger


Chad Heisey

Triangle Refrigeration


Mark and Carolyn Hildebrand

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mohn


Tom and Sheila Hoffman

Miss Danielle Hoffman


Baby Jeremiah

Mike and Heather Muncy


Donna Kachel

Ted Kachel



The King Family


John Leaman

John and Nancy Leaman


The Faithful Work of Nyla Martin

Mr. & Mrs. David Clapper


Florence Risser

Alice Kauffman


Fannie Shelly

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Heisey


Dylan Shertzer

Advanced Interiors


Thomas P. Staab

Ms. Donna Wendler


Carol Weaver

Anne Weaver



Abigail Farah Antoon

Gigi & Pops Brock


James Butcher

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Gehr


Eric Cooper

Mrs. Martha Cooper


Ricky Lee Crider

Loretta Crider


Samuel Harbold

Kathryn Lehman


Jackson M. Heagy

Anonymous donor


Dawn Hewes

Lois & Chuck Rhoads


Diane W. Horlacher

Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Freed

Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hopkins

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Leach

Don and Karen McNutt

Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau

Mr. Joseph Peters

Mr. & Mrs. William Stoner


Mr. John Walmer

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Whitley

Mr. & Mrs. William Worley


Ron Hosler

Gary and Jody Greve

David Hosler

Lisa Holser

Todd and Kati Swisher


Jessica Howard-Brubaker

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Howard


Donna Kachel

Anonymous donor


June Kleinfelter

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Kleinfelter


Myrtle Messinger

C and M Messinger



Anonymous donor


Bernice Rauch

Carol McAndrews


Harold Robinson

Mr. Linward Crowe


Betty B. Rorabaugh

Anonymous donor


Mark A. Thomas

David & Peggy Thomas


Dale Trout

Mrs. Linda Trout


The Unnamed Babies

Anonymous donor


Carol A. Weaver

Anonymous donor

Ms. Kathy Andrews


Brian Wenrich

Bill & Shawnee Clark


Richard Zeigler

Joyce Zeigler