Tribute Gifts – Second Half of 2021

Tribute Gifts – Second Half of 2021

Thank you to everyone who gave “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one in the second half of 2021.

At the time the gift is given, we send an acknowledgment to the honoree or family of the one remembered as contact information is available. The gift amount remains confidential.


Nathan & Jessica Brubaker

Tracy Seiger LLC


Michael Citrone

Ms. Wendy Landis


Donna Doyle

Mr. William Herche III



Mr. & Mrs. Chad Kilheffer


Good’s Insurance Agency Inc

Mrs. Beth Weaver


Ken & Joanne Hess

Mr. & Mrs. James Bednar


Jeannie Kleylein

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Kleylein


Paul Lantz

E&E General Contracting LLC


Jeff Martin & Crystal Zimmerman

Miss Julie Baumbach

Mr. & Mrs. David Buch

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Carvell

Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Good

Mr. & Mrs. Curvin Good

Mr. & Mrs. Alton Good

Mr. & Mrs. James Guerra

Ms. Estu Horning

Mr. & Mrs. Curvin Horst

Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Horst

Mr. & Mrs. Donovan Lefever

Mr. Curt Martin

Ms. Anna Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Neiswender

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Nolt

Ms. Jackie Sauder

Ms. Kate Sauder

Miss Heidi Sauder

Mr. & Mrs. John Sauder

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Sauder

Ms. Carolyn Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Zeiset

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Zeiset

Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Zeiset


Nyla Martin

Mr. & Mrs. David Clapper


Mim & Bank

Ms. Holly Kramer


Pastors at Grace Community Church of Willow Street

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hall


Sameh Grace

Ms. Abigail Gall


Fannie Shelly

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Heisey


Joan Zook

Ms. Sherri Gagne




Karen Centini

Mr. Daniel Brophy

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cain

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ebersole

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eckenroth

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy George

Ms. Maria-Elena Grant

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hoffer

Ilus Construction

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Minchhoff

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Repella

Ms. Kathleen Ribec

Ms. Jacqueline Rishel

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Schug

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Shank

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Trautman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tucker


Barbara Givler

Mr. Parke Duing Jr.



Mr. & Mrs. James Mellon


Lois Hosler

Mr. & Mrs. David Hosler


Ron Hosler

Mr. & Mrs. David Hosler


James Rudy

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Denlinger

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Keely

Millersville Bible Church

Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Stoltzfuz


Baby Ryker

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brock


The Biblical Midwives, Shifra and Puah, Who Honored God Not Pharaoh

Ms. Tara Thomas


William Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Mervin Kissinger Jr.