Watch Them Blossom

Watch Them Blossom

Chloe and Derek were both in high school when they found out she was pregnant.

When they first came to us, they did not want the baby. Chloe’s mom was pressuring her to have an abortion, and Chloe was afraid of upsetting her further.

We talked with them and told them about the resources and support we had available for them.  We encouraged them to take their time in making their decision.

Against many odds, they chose to carry their baby to term.

It was amazing to watch them blossom from there.

They came to ALL their prenatal classes with us, and kept EVERY prenatal appointment with their doctor. They kept up with their school work extremely well, even when they missed classes for her pregnancy check-ups with their doctor.

With each passing week, we noticed their vocabulary begin to mature. Chloe stopped calling the baby ‘It” and started using words like “my baby” that expressed a maternal love for her child. She enjoyed practicing holding a baby by holding dolls, and started to play more with the toddler nieces and nephews in her family. And although they are not believers, Chloe and Derek always accepted our offers of prayer, and amazed us with their GOOD prayer requests.

Isaiah 40:11 says, “He gently leads those that have young.” That’s what we see happening with this sweet couple. Please pray that Chloe and Derek would continue to grow as parents AND to embrace God’s ultimate heart for their lives – that they and their baby would be in a loving relationship with Him forever through belief in His Son Jesus.